what it means to be a woman

Welcome to Wombs in Rebellion, the newest blog from the writer of Invisible Ink and Ayslyn’s Corner! Recently a question was posed to me—what could you talk about all day long until you’re absolutely sick of it? Writing, yes, religion, philosophy, customs and culture, yes. But the one that takes the cake is women’s rights, women in culture and the myriad world of reproductive justice. Thus, this is a forum for all things female.

Now, I know there are already a ton of blogs and sites out there for just these topics, and while it makes for a lot of reading material, it’s a good thing. It means a lot of people have opinions and they believe enough in what they think to find a public voice. So here I shall add my own voice, and my guest bloggers shall add theirs, and you may add yours. What gives us the right to add our voices to these conversations? Simple, we are women.

What does it mean to be a woman? It means being the smile that greets others in the morning sun, the laughter that brings our friends closer. We are the mothers who care for the world and each person in it; we are the sisters at in-house slumber parties who listen to secrets about drama and boys; the daughters who give new reasons to live and live well. We are the breath in the wind, woven into the roots of the earth’s trees and the moonlight streaming from above. We are the Goddess, and the Goddess is each of us. We bring babies into this world with blood and pain, and hold hands as lives are extinguished.

What does being a woman mean to you? And if you label yourself otherwise, how do you perceive women?


4 thoughts on “what it means to be a woman

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