everyday sexism

the harder a wife works...A few days ago I came across a wonderfully awful website. the everyday sexism project is a place for men and women to post their “common place” sexism experiences, no matter how small or insignificant each may seem. This is a unique idea that allows each one of us to have a voice, even if (maybe because) we didn’t speak up when these things were happening. Whether it was because we couldn’t quiet put our finger on what bothered us, or because we feared further arm, silence is protection and a noose all at once. A site like this is a good thing, because without voicing the things we experience and feel we cannot examine and eventually eradicate them. At the same time, it makes me sad that even in this modern age we endure everyday sexism.


One day a month or so ago while my fiance and I were living with his parents until we could move into our apartment, his dad asked what I was going to do that day before he left for work. It was my day off, so I told him I was going to do some laundry, some writing and relax a bit. He chuckled and said, “Going to play the little housewife, huh? Good, good!”


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