different understandings of beauty

Source article: http://tinyurl.com/lbcv9t9

Woman1This is rather an older article; I’m pretty sure I first saw it over a year ago, but when it resurfaced on one of the many outlets I follow I found it just as fascinating the second time around. This woman took an unaltered photo of herself and emailed it to 40 graphic artists from 25 different countries and her only instructions were to make her beautiful. It’s amazing how different each one is. Some added copious amounts of blush and eyeshadow, others changed the lines of her face, neck, and shoulders, or altered her hair or skin tone. One of the Indian artists actually removed her collarbones. The Morocco artist added a traditional head covering. Now while it’s understood that  “beauty” as defined by these artists isn’t necessarily inductive of their region’s stereotypical definition, it does highlight just how open to interpretation the concept is.  Every one of them is altered though; so what does it say about us that no one sent the picture back to her just the way it was?


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