conservative woman suggests we stop rape by teaching girls to dress modestly

Will nail polish prevent date rapeSource article:

Setting aside the fact that Laura Ingraham works for Fox News, this is yet another example of why it’s so important to educate everyone about rape culture. This is one facet of it right here – victim blaming. Supporting this idea that girls and women are someone able to control potential rapists by what they wear. The idea that women and girls are at all responsible for the actions of others. I fail to understand how we can say this in an easier-to-understand way. Women and girls are not responsible for preventing their rapes; potential rapists are responsible for not raping.

Take this scenario for instance: A young man goes out to a bar with several friends after a hard week and gets drunk. So drunk that, as he’s waiting for a taxi to take him home, he doesn’t realize that his wallet has been stolen. Is it his fault  his wallet was stolen? Was he asking for it because he was drunk? Was he asking for it because of what he was wearing? Was he asking for it because of where he was at that time of night? Was he asking for it because of his behavior and general demeanor? Of course not. The only person at fault is the thief. These questions sound ridiculous in this situation and yet these are the exact things that are asked of rape victims by people who have no concept of what rape and rape culture are. The fact that so large a group of people in our world not only do not find these questions deplorable in context of rape, but also deliberately ask them, and in turn encourage misinformation, is rape culture.


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