reddit sub-group says raping women is ‘morally justifiable’ and ‘brave’ because it ‘corrects’ feminist behavior

Source article:

This is one article you might want to brace yourself before reading. I’m not taken aback by much these days and I literally got sick to my stomach the further into the material from this sub group I got. I can’t say that this mentality is surprising – after all, rape has been used as a weapon of war and is by definition about control rather than sexual gratification – but to see it written out by supposedly “modern” men and in our supposedly “advanced” society is disturbing, to say the least. Especially when you think about how the person/people who wrote this are walking around in a neighborhood that could be yours, looking and girls and women and judging them, and thinking about raping them to correct [fill in the blank].

There was more than one reader who commented that the whole sub-Reddit was a joke. To them, and anyone who found this even remotely funny, I want to say: you need help. There is nothing funny about sexual assault and rape. Not one goddamned thing. Rape jokes are part of what enables rape culture; if this kind of crime is not taken seriously (which laughing at it implies that it’s not serious) then women and men both who have been attacked are less likely to seek justice or help. When you find rape jokes amusing (or even if you’re trying to justify such gross comments as comedy), you’re telling victims that their trauma isn’t real, that the perpetrator isn’t a criminal.

Based on the language in the responding comments, it’s unlikely this group is any kind of joke. It also appears to be the work of only one individual, though that’s a small enough good thing. Part of eliminating rape culture starts with correcting mentalities like this; this kind of objectification and cruelty doesn’t have any place in our world, and it is up to both men and women to see it erased.


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