woman sentenced to 30 years in prison for having miscarriage

Source article

This is one of the likely outcomes of personhood bills that keep cropping up across the US. Even from a conservative perspective, vilifying and imprisoning a woman for a miscarriage – or, by extension, a stillbirth, baby born who shortly thereafter dies – is (or at least should be) cruel beyond reason and carries no justice. Not to mention the fact that there’s a difference between an abortion and a miscarriage, a line that personhood bills would go a long way towards blurring. Regardless of where you stand on abortion and reproductive rights and justice, miscarriage is a loss, something that should never be a political statement.

But since the world at large doesn’t seem to understand that distinction, I have three simply question: a) Especially in terms of El Salvador, which is where this particular woman is, what is the justification for jailing a woman for something she had no control over, and actually is fairly common b) Here in the US, how can we as a nation (or individual states) guard against this happening with the passing of a personhood bill c) In the case of women jailed for miscarriage, how will this action help anyone or anything.


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