16 vintage posters that warned men about the dangers of women having rights

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The cool thing about this collection is that these aren’t posters you would necessarily find on the first page of your Google search. In fact, most of them were new to us. #11 is particularly gruesome, especially if you’ve seen Iron Jawed Angels or are at all familiar with the suffragette movement. It’s almost like there’s a theme in all of these posters… almost like men really didn’t fancy being treated the way women were treated. Huh. Imagine that.


is it possible to orgasm while being raped? is it still rape if you do?

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On the surface these are despicable questions to be asking; what part of “no means no” is so difficult to understand? But that’s actually the point of the article, and it shouldn’t surprise anyone that these two questions (and dozens more like them) are in fact still asked in general conversation and of rape survivors.

As the writer points out, we treat victims with doubt and place the blame on them: You were drinking? You deserved it. You were dressed sexy? You were asking for it. For people who understand rape in this manner, it’s not such a far leap to see them drawing the conclusion that an orgasm cancels out the rape. I mean, we still have guys who think pregnancy can’t result from rape and that marital rape isn’t real if the wife is in a nightie.

Rape culture’s foundation is ignorance, hate and an unwillingness to make needed changes. Misconceptions and misinformation are the building blocks that keep that horrid institution from crumbling.