this comic perfectly captures why feminism helps everyone

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well behaved women seldom make history

Well behaved women seldom make history, and from a literary perspective are not nearly as interesting as those that “misbehave.” More and more of our novels are centered on, or feature, strong and well-developed female characters. They’re also making a stand in young adult literature, giving young girls more active role models than stand and look pretty princesses.

Which leading ladies have been an inspiration to you? Which ones can’t you wait to keep reading about?


Well Behaved Women

a machine to transfer pregnancies

Found this on late night Imgur, swiped from Tumblr, several nights ago. What do you think the reactions would be when scientists began creating such a device? How many men would protest that the idea of transferring a pregnancy would violate the sanctity of being a woman? Maybe some would argue that it’s something men aren’t capable of? And what about if/when the device was ready for human testing – how would society treat those who stepped up to try it out?

Is there a reason why something like this couldn’t legitimately be done?

republican men and rape statements

A friend of mine shared this on Facebook and I feel it sums up a vast majority of women’s feelings rather well. There are still many out there who do not understand the implications when powerful men make ignorant statements, but the number that do is growing. Long live the power of women!