proposed texas bill would give legal representation to fetuses inside brain-dead women

Texas State Representative Matt Krause (R-Ft. Worth) is pushing a proposal that would give legal representation to fetuses if the mother is brain dead. The case of Marlise Muñoz, who was declared brain dead but kept on life support for two months, is what sparked the proposal for such a bill. This is in spite of the fact that Muñoz’ family opposes such an action.

The sadness for the Muñoz family began in November of 2013, when Marlise collapsed from a blood clot in her brain. Multiple tests showed she was brain dead, and the family wanted her removed from life support. Since she was 14 weeks pregnant, though, the hospital refused, and said that state law prohibited them from removing her from support. Continue reading…


if the fetus you save is gay will you continue to fight for its rights?

If the fetus you save...This poses a simple and very serious question, and one to which many pro-lifers do not have a good answer for. The core values behind the pro-life movement are derived from Christianity, which is also anti-gay. It is not acceptable to both demand that women carry fetuses to term without regard for their own well being and desires, and then to also offer no support to the fetus once it is born (to say nothing of women after they carry unwanted fetuses to term; but that’s another issue). If the fetus you save becomes a little boy who wants to play with Barbies and in his teens begins to self-identify as a homosexual, will you then judge him and call him an abomination? Will you harass him and threaten him, this child you destroyed at least one other life to allow a chance? Will you try to cure him?

men with signs

IMAG0442This man was standing outside a women’s health clinic in my neighborhood earlier today. My fiancé made the comment that he wondered if the guy realized that he was doing the same job as the sign that’s stuck in the snow mound behind him, and I agreed to an extent. There’s something to be said about the mentality and dedication someone has to stand out on the roadside with a sign, especially a controversial one. He got in his car before the train was past, otherwise I might have asked what he thought he was doing.

This is the thing that about abortion that we’re all too busy arguing about to understand. Pro-lifers and pro-choicers have a common goal. No one wants to see a woman in the position of having to contemplate an abortion; it’s the how and why that we get stuck on. If we taught our teens how to be responsible with their bodies, if we were more supportive of pregnancy as a society, if we refused to condone rape—if we created a culture in which pregnancy did not threaten a woman then we would have accomplished the ultimate goal. Women would still have their lives and fetuses wouldn’t be aborted.