men with signs

IMAG0442This man was standing outside a women’s health clinic in my neighborhood earlier today. My fiancé made the comment that he wondered if the guy realized that he was doing the same job as the sign that’s stuck in the snow mound behind him, and I agreed to an extent. There’s something to be said about the mentality and dedication someone has to stand out on the roadside with a sign, especially a controversial one. He got in his car before the train was past, otherwise I might have asked what he thought he was doing.

This is the thing that about abortion that we’re all too busy arguing about to understand. Pro-lifers and pro-choicers have a common goal. No one wants to see a woman in the position of having to contemplate an abortion; it’s the how and why that we get stuck on. If we taught our teens how to be responsible with their bodies, if we were more supportive of pregnancy as a society, if we refused to condone rape—if we created a culture in which pregnancy did not threaten a woman then we would have accomplished the ultimate goal. Women would still have their lives and fetuses wouldn’t be aborted.